Explosively Talented Second-Grader Shocks Crowd With Insane Johnny Cash Performance

(Left) aroadlesstaken.com / (Right) kharmon367 / YouTube

As proof of Johnny Cash‘s everlasting legacy, children who were born long after “The Man in Black” have fallen in love with his music. Many of these kids simply enjoy listening to his songs, while others like to sing and play them.

Back in 2008, one little boy appropriately known as “Little Johnny Cash” was the talk of the town after a video of him singing one of Cash’s biggest hits went viral. His performance was especially remarkable, because he was only in the second grade at the time!

Yes, you read that right! This small Cash fan was a second-grader at the time that he wowed his school with a spot-on Cash cover. The song he chose was “Folsom Prison Blues,” which has a dark and somber message that the little guy probably didn’t even understand.

Written entirely by Cash and released in 1955, “Folsom Prison Blues” reached the top spot on the Billboard country chart. It was also a pop crossover, and peaked at the 32nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Today, “Folsom Prison Blues” is one of the first songs people often name when they’re asked to name their favorite song of Cash’s. It’s a song that “Little Johnny Cash” clearly enjoys, and he’s an expert at singing it as well!

Barely able to handle the guitar he toted with him onto the stage, the little boy surely shocked the crowd with his confidence. We bet they were also impressed by his knowledge of Cash’s music, because it was obvious he knew all of the words to the song.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the little guy had some pretty good guitar pickin’ going on! For being a second-grader, we’d say he did quite well! His cuteness is an added bonus, and makes the performance simply irresistable to watch.

Now you can watch this little man show off his musical skills in the clip below! It’s no wonder why they call him “Little Johnny Cash!”