John Carter Cash Channels His Father’s Spirit While Singing “Ring Of Fire”

Music City Roots / YouTube

As a son of two country music icons, John Carter Cash proves talent does indeed run in the family.

Many years have passed since the world learned the great Johnny Cash had died. His wife and fellow country music legend, June Carter Cash, passed away just months prior.

Today, John Carter keeps their legacies alive by continuing to share and sing their songs, including Johnny’s “Ring of Fire.”

“Ring of Fire” was co-written by June and Merle Kilgore. It was first recorded by June’s sister, Anita.

Johnny went on to record his own version. He added the now-iconic sound of the mariachi horns to his recording.

Many years later, John Carter sang “Ring of Fire” during John McEuen’s 70th birthday party in December 2015. He channeled his father’s spirt as he delivered his rendition of the classic song.

Watch John Carter’s “Ring of Fire” performance below. His parents would be proud.