7 Times Miley Cyrus Proved Her Country Roots

Gospel Herald

With this powerhouse vocalist rumored to be releasing a full-length country album soon, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back on some of the best country performances she’s ever given throughout her storied career in both television and music.

Even since she was just a toddler and Billy Ray Cyrus’ adorable little girl, Miley Cyrus has held strong to the country music roots that helped shape her into the truly impressive songstress she is today. While not everyone may agree on everything about her, there is something we can all agree on – her undeniable talent.

Below is a thorough list of 7 times Miley Cyrus proved that she was nothin’ but a country girl.

6-Year-Old Miley’s George Jones Cover

Way before she became a chart-topping musician and teen television star, little Miley was pouring her little heart out into country songs at the drop of a hat. Hanging out with her family at Thompson Station, this 6-year-old was fearless and got right up in front of the crowd to deliver a remarkable performance of George Jones’ 1955 hit, “Why Baby Why”.

Miley & Her Dad Sing Together On His Record

Singing together on his album must have been a joyful family moment, but it probably was equally as enjoyable to work on a full-length movie together. This beautiful duet between Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus was originally featured on their 2009 movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie, but later released on his album Back to Tennessee. “Butterfly Fly Away” is a soft country ballad that talks about a child growing up and into adulthood.

Her Mind-Blowing “Landslide” Cover

This timeless hit, while originally made famous as a rock song by Fleetwood Mac, definitely has a hold on country fans and was even one of the top-selling country songs for a time after the Dixie Chicks released their iconic version in 2002.

Taking to the stage in Australia, Miley left the audience with dropped jaws and a whole new impression after she belted out this truly incredible “Landslide” cover.

The Old Fashioned Barn Dance She Threw For A Town

Also premiering within her 2009 Hannah Montana movie, Miley’s take on a traditional line-dancing song was an immediate hit with both the Disney channel audience and country kids everywhere. It was labeled and sold as an instructional dance song and went on to become a Top 20 international hit.

Miley’s Unexpected Cover Of Johnny Cash 

Pulling this cover of a classic country song out as a surprise for her audience, Miley gave her fans in Monterrey, Mexico a rendition of Johnny Cash’s hit, “A Boy Named Sue”. Notably, Miley also has a tattoo that was inspired by the legendary ‘Man in Black’, however it doesn’t appear she frequently covers his music.

Her Inspirational Country Music Hit

The biggest hit for her on the country charts, “The Climb” was also one of her most recognizable songs, quickly encroaching on the territory of a ‘signature song’. The powerful lyrics combined with her unprecedented vocal ability at just 17 years old made this a quick family favorite.

Duetting With Dolly Parton On “Jolene”


In a stunning moment of celebration with her godmother and country music queen, Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus joined her on stage at Dollywood to sing one of her signature songs from the early 70s that had everyone out of their seats and clapping along to every beat!

Miley has even recorded this timeless song in an acoustic backyard session and it sounds just as amazing. If she is indeed recording a country album for her next release, “Jolene” is a song that should definitely make the cut.