You’ll Never Guess What Role Johnny Cash Has On Brad Paisley’s New Album

(Left) Simon & Schuster/(Right) CMT

Three years after the release of his album Moonshine in the Trunk, Brad Paisley is ready to release a new album. Titled Love and War, the record was originally set for release on March 3, but Paisley had to push back the release date to April 21.

On Thursday (March 9), Paisley finally released the tracklist to Love and War. After looking it over, we can come to the conclusion that this album will be well worth the wait!

Love and War will feature a total of 16 tracks, all of which were co-written by Paisley. Fans will recognize the emotional tune “Today,” which is Paisley’s current single and the eighth track on the album. The has made a steady climb up the charts, and is currently stationed at the fourth position on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Fans can expect plenty of collaborations on Love and War, and not just with country singers. Rock icon Mick Jagger is a featured vocalist on the track “Drive of Shame,” which he also co-wrote with Paisley. Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty co-wrote the album’s title track with Paisley, and is also featured as a guest vocalist on the recording.

In addition to Jagger and Fogerty, Paisley managed to recruit country legend Bill Anderson for the song “Dying to See Her.” Anderson co-wrote the song with Paisley, and also sings on the track. R&B star Timbaland rounds out Paisley’s impressive list of collaborators, and is a featured vocalist on two of the album’s tracks.

Those who look through the album’s writing credits will notice one big name attached to its 11th track, “Gold All Over the Ground.” It turns out that the song was co-written by none other than “The Man in Black” himself, Johnny Cash.

Paisley is credited as the song’s other co-writer, leaving us to wonder how the song came to be. Did Cash have something started in his collection that Paisley saw, loved, and then decided to finish? We’re anxious to hear more about how that track came to be!

Now that we know all of this new information about Love and War, April 21 can’t get here fast enough! In the meantime, we’ll have to keep ourselves satisfied by listening to the one track Paisley has released off of the album, “Today.” You can scroll down below to watch its heartwarming music video.

Who else is excited to get their hands on a copy of Paisley’s new album?