Australian Finds Venomous Snake In Toilet Just Before Sitting Down

Cessnock District Rescue Squad - NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc / Facebook

The last thing you want when you go to the bathroom is to sit on the toilet and have a slimy snake creeping around in there. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a person at a vineyard in Pokolbin, Australia.

Pokolbin is a small rural town in the Hunter Region of New South Wales Australia with a population of around 700 people. So the snake probably wasn’t too far away from its natural habitat, but still, no one wants to sit on a snake.

Not only was it a snake but it was a red-bellied black snake. A venomous snake that animal experts say if a person is bitten by one they will have muscle problems in that area of their body for the rest of their life because it destroys muscle tissue.

With that said, the person who found the snake didn’t want to touch it and understandably so. They made the right decision and called The Cessnock District Rescue Squad from the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association to come and remove it from the property.

Fortunately, the snake was in an outhouse toilet on the vineyard property and not inside someone’s home bathroom. However,  the snake still had to be dealt with and so the professionals arrived to the scene a bit later and removed it from the toilet.

The CDRS took pictures of the red-bellied black snake and posted them to Facebook, which stirred a lot of people up commenting about it. The post also had its own humorous comment about how the snake’s privacy was interrupted when “someone else wanted to well, you know.” 

The post also read, “Relocated from an outhouse at one of the vineyards in the Hunter, this reptile looked like it had been into mischief before as it was missing the end of its tail. Our volunteers managed to free the snake from the porcelain and relocate into bushland shortly after.”

Let’s just hope for the sake of the people in the vineyard that the snake doesn’t know how to slither its way back to the outhouse. Luckily, no humans nor the snake were hurt during the whole situation.

Learn More About The Red-Bellied Black Snake In The Video Below