Bald Eagle Tries To Gouge Grizzly Bear’s Eyes Out

Bill Shawler / YouTube

Fisherman Bill Shawler was strolling up the river on his boat when he captured what may never be captured on film again…a wild and full-grown bald eagle attacking an adult grizzly bear.

The footage was filmed way back in August of 2010 while Bill was driving his boat up the Naknek River in Alaska.

In fact, Bill says in the video, “I’m fishing, videoing a bear, and driving the boat all at the same time.” 

Bill Shawler / YouTube

The video showed the bear originally at the shoreline but as Bill drove the boat closer, the bear retreated up the embankment to get away from the noisy boat and human.

The grizzly passes through a bunch of bushes before making it to an open dirt patch on the embankment and Bill zooms in to get a close-up of the apex predator.

Bill Shawler / YouTube

As Bill zoomed in, like a flash of lightning, the balled eagle came out of nowhere, swooped down, and tried to gash the bear’s eyes out with its strong, sharp talons.

It appears the eagle missed the bear’s eyes and instead, it just clawed the grizzly on the face and top of the head. Just as fast as the eagle appeared, it was gone within a flash.

The eagle flew off into the sky while the bear shook its head looking confused at what just happened. The bear got lucky the bird didn’t get its eye, however, we can imagine it was still painful.

Watch The Eagle Attack The Grizzly Bear Video Below