Bar-Goers Treated To “Tennessee Whiskey” Performance From Fellow Guest

Sean McCracken / Facebook

One bar goer named Phil was enjoying time with his friends at a local bar called Rudy’s Tavern in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in 2018. Little did he know that one of his favorite songs would turn on and he would treat everyone in the bar to a private concert!

Since Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton‘s epic 2015 CMA Awards performance of “Tennessee Whiskey,” we have been hearing that version of the song non-stop – something that we aren’t complaining about in the slightest!

Stapleton’s arrangement, vocally, is extremely difficult, with countless vocal runs that you’d think only a professional could nail. There aren’t many people, let alone professional singers, who can nail Stapleton’s arrangement of the 1981 song originally released by David Allan Coe.

“Tennessee Whiskey” History

After Coe released it on his album of the same name, George Jones recorded a version of the song in 1983 and took it to number two on the Billboard country charts. Coe’s rendition peaked at number 77.

In 1985, Coe and Jones joined forces at the first annual Farm Aid and performed the song together.

“Tennessee Whiskey” was a concert staple for Jones all the way until his death, with The Possum replacing “Tennessee” with whichever city or town he was performing in that night.

Stapleton released his bluesy version of the classic country song on his debut solo album Traveller in 2015. Two days after his now-iconic CMA Awards performance of the song, it went to number one on the charts and it is now certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Phil, The Next Chris Stapleton?

A man that goes by the name Sean McCracken on Facebook had the bright idea of filming Phil when “Tennessee Whiskey” played over the bar’s stereo system on September 7, 2018 – and we are so glad he did.

Before pressing play, Phil looks like a normal person enjoying a meal with his friends at the bar top, but once he opens his mouth he is anything but normal.

He sings along to Stapleton’s version, but after just a few lyrics, you will be asking yourself the same question we asked ourselves, “This guy has got to be famous, right?”

Seriously. He’s THAT good.

Phil has the vocal chops to go head-to-head with the reigning CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, which is an award Stapleton has won three years running.

With A Little Help From His Friends

After every masterful note that Phil hit, his friends – whether new or old – cheered him on at the bar, some audibly in shock over what they were hearing.

We hope this isn’t the last we hear from Phil! Be sure you watch the video below. We bet you’ll be pressing replay over and over.