Sadie Robertson Runs Into Luke Bryan’s ‘Twin’ At Massive Nashville Party

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

On Monday (September 10), Luke Bryan threw a huge party in downtown Nashville for a number of reasons. The first being the recent opening of his new Nashville bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge and Drink.

The second reason for the celebration was the fact that his latest single, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset,” just became his 21st number one hit.

30,000 fans turned out to watch the celebratory concert that took place in the middle of Broadway. The performers included DJ Rock, Chelsea Field, Jon Langston, and of course, Luke.

There were some famous faces to be found in the sea of 30,000 fans. A few of those faces belonged to members of the Robertson family, known as the stars of Duck Dynasty.

While the entire family couldn’t make it, they were well-represented by Korie Robertson and her daughters Sadie and Bella. The two sisters even got the chance to hang with Luke, and shared the perfect photo as proof.

If you think something looks a little off in that photo, you’re right. That’s because the “Luke” that Sadie and Bella ran into wasn’t Luke at all, it was his wax figure!

In 2017, the famous wax figure museum Madame Tussauds opened in Nashville, featuring figurines of famous country stars such as Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw. Luke was another one of the artists who had a figure designed in his likeness, and the resemblance is uncanny. They look like twins!

It seems that Luke’s wax figure was moved over to his new bar for the celebration, and we’re sure that Sadie and Bella weren’t the only ones who stopped to take a photo with it!

Even though it looks like Sadie and Bella didn’t run into the real Luke in Nashville, we’re sure they weren’t too upset about it. Why, you ask?

Well, because they’ve met Luke before! He happens to be close friends with their family, and also works with them as the co-owner of Duck Commander’s sister company, Buck Commander.

There’s no shortage of videos out there of Luke interacting with the Robertson crew, but one of our favorites is from 2014. During a concert, Luke welcomed Sadie and Bella’s dad Willie to the stage to see how well he could “shake it.” The result was hysterical to witness.

You can check out the video from that hilarious moment below.

Even though Sadie and Bella didn’t get to hang out with the real Luke in Nashville, at least they were probably the only ones there who could say that their dad had danced with him on stage!