Be One Of First To See ‘It’s A Great Day To Be Alive’ Cover That Had Travis Tritt Beaming With Pride

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Tony Jackson Brings Traditional Country To Modern Day

Country singer-songwriter Tony Jackson fell in love with the genre in the same way that many other artists have…by hearing Randy Travis sing.

Jackson was serving in the Marines when he had the opportunity to attend one of Travis’ concerts at an Army base in Spain. That one concert changed the course of his life, as it sparked his intense passion for the sound of traditional country music.

Fast forward to today, and Jackson is a country music sensation online.

Videos of his cover songs and original tunes have raked up millions of views across various social media platforms. Take the above video of him singing Randy Travis’ famous song “Diggin’ Up Bones,” which has generated will over five million views.

But as impressive as that is, nothing can top what Jackson was able to accomplish with one heartfelt rendition of an old George Jones song.

The “Grand” Cover With Millions Of Views

Singing with that traditional country sound that he fell in love with so long ago, Jackson recorded a powerful cover of Jones’ chart-topping hit “The Grand Tour.” After the music video for the cover was posted online, it took off like wildfire.

Listeners were enchanted by Jackson’s voice, which sounds like something straight out of the traditional country era. Before long, Jackson’s cover video had generated millions of views.

As it stands today, that video has been watched nearly 40 million times.

Catching Attention

After being such a sensation online, it’s no surprise that Jackson managed to catch the attention of a few big names in the country music industry. One superstar who found himself impressed with Jackson’s talent was Travis Tritt, who gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.

As a panelist on the competition series Real Country, Tritt is able to invite several artists to compete on the show. One of the artists he extended an invitation to was Jackson, and he showed his appreciation by performing one of Tritt’s most iconic songs.

That song was “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive.”

Knocking The Socks Off Of Travis Tritt

It takes a lot of nerve for someone to sing an artist’s song right in front of them, but Jackson was up to the challenge. Within seconds of kicking off his performance, it was clear that Tritt was thoroughly impressed with what he heard. By the end, you could tell that he was beaming with pride.

You can understand why Tritt was so pleased. In addition to capturing that traditional country sound, Jackson delivered an animated performance that was both engaging and entertaining. That’s the characteristic of a true entertainer!

Real Country shared Jackson’s performance of “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” as a sneak peek into his time on the show. Be one of the first people to see this outstanding cover by tuning in to the video below!