Best Dad Ever Teams Up With Daughter For Thrilling Dance Off

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Joshua Samarco and his daughter Austynn took social media by storm when their daddy/daughter dance to the popular beat “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” gained national recognition and sent viewers into a laughing fit. Their initial viral video caught fans by surprise when what began as a clip of the Austynn showcasing her best moves unexpectedly transitioned into her country dad shuffling his way into the frame and, for lack of a better word, breaking it down! Elated fans were astounded when Joshua revealed his hidden dance skills and revamped a variety of famous dance moves!

After their first success, the two continued to wow the world with their admirable bond and dancing talent, even choreographing their own original number that, once again, propelled the train of praise and popularity! Dancing to the upbeat hit “Classic” by MTKO, Joshua and his daughter kicked off their next clip with a series of kicks, spins, and flips as they alternated between the spotlight and quirky moves! Austynn stunned the internet with an acrobatic front walkover followed by a prompt jump into a daring split, allowing for assistance from her dad to keep the riveting show going!

As the young girl bounced to the back of the scene, her father snagged his moment and thrilled with a variety of killer dance moves. Breaking into a fast-paced, hysterical rendition of “The Carlton”, made famous by hit 90s television show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, this dad was nothing short of beaming confidence and a good ol’ time! However, no dance off can be complete without even a hint of booty shaking, justifying these two to shake what their mamas gave them and leave their performance on a side-splitting note!

Overcome with emotion, the dancing dad later uploaded a heartfelt video onto his daughter’s YouTube channel to personally thank those who had viewed their clip and had supported and encouraged his daughter’s dream to dance. “It’s been an amazing ride and we couldn’t have done it without you guys,” he admitted as he briefly spoke about his newfound fame with Ellen DeGeneres and his daughter’s growing fanbase. “I am so appreciative of what Ellen has done for us and my daughter- her dreams are coming true,” the sentimental father informed his supporters.

It’s very clear that the dancing between this father and daughter is far from over, leaving us at the edge of our seats for another riveting video that we’re sure will have us in stitches! You can watch their epic dance off below and tell us what you thought in the comments!