Bette Midler’s Reaction To Blake’s “Man Boobs” Is A Must-See

NBC/E! News

Flashing his man boobs to the ladies is one of his favorite things to do – if you take his word for it!

In a new video montage of clips from the upcoming ‘Voice’ team meetings with the advisors, Blake Shelton gives his chosen expert a little too much bang for her buck!

“I flash my man boobs all the time to the girls,” he says flatly. “My ‘moobs’.”

“What….did you say?!” Bette Midler¬†gasps, doubling over in both embarrassment and laughter.

Blake’s dry humor definitely comes out in this hilarious video with several of his team members and the endlessly talented Midler, but good ‘ol Blake doesn’t stop there!

“You’re not 18 yet, though, so I’m not showing you my man boobs until you’re of age,” he jokes to one of his team members, while Bette simply doesn’t have the time to handle Blake’s ‘man boobs’ and buries her face in her hand with an expression that will have y’all rolling!

Check out this hilarious clip below!