Beyonce’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ Allegedly Rejected By Grammy Committee


It was the performance that not only rocked the stage of 50th CMA Awards, but the tempers of once excited country fans that boldly voiced their discontent with the genre merge that some say ruined the monumental event meant to glorify classic artists. Beyoncé’s guest performance was not only an incredibly last minute reveal, but the catalyst that lead fans threatening a boycott of the event. However, the “Queen Bey” was welcomed with open arms by various country artists, as one of the evening’s hosts Brad Paisley took to his Twitter to show his excitement for her visit.

Performing a riveting mashup with country trio The Dixie Chicks, Beyoncé gave the pure country treatment to her newest hit “Daddy Lessons” in conjunction with the trio’s “Long Time Gone”. Although a talented and energetic performance, fans and artists were still unhappy with the last minute surprise, many taking to social media to be heard! Although we believed this was the end of the country controversy following the Queen, it seems a recent denial by the Grammy‘s country committee may be rehashing the drama.

According to Billboard, The Associated Press revealed from an anonymous source that the pop icon submitted her highly coveted “Daddy Lessons” from the album Lemonade to the country category, essentially meaning that approval from the committee would mean she would be eligible to not only win a Grammy for Best Country Song, but Country Solo Performance as well. However, it was said that her submission was denied by the Recording Academy, leaving Beyoncé’s fans in a foul mood.

The song itself includes a classic New Orleans horns and an undeniable “feel good” vibe,  including various biblical references and portrays imminent strength. While the song may not represent what modern country embodies, it essentially leans to the authentic instrumentals that capture the “roots” of what gave country music its inspiration.

Although the alleged denial is hitting hard with fans, Beyoncé was still able to snag a notable 9 nominations, three of those including some of the most coveted awards such as album of the year for Lemonade and both song and record of the year for “Formation.” However, the superstar has already broken records, becoming the most-nominated woman in Grammy history with a whopping 62 nominations in total. While Beyoncé currently holds a jaw-dropping 20 Grammy Awards, we are eager to see how the final results will treat the talented woman.

How do you feel about the alleged denial? Do you agree? You can listen to Beyoncé’s country mashup below.