Billy Ray Cyrus Explains His Real Feelings On Miley’s New Music

YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

The country music star and father of the polarizing pop singer opens up about her new image and return to her roots with the new album she’s getting prepared to release.

Billy Ray Cyrus has an incredibly talented family and almost all of them have found their calling in music just like their country-singing father. With daughter Noah Cyrus making a smash hit debut in recent months, the spotlight has returned to his first daughter, Miley Cyrus – a performer who has often had the media buzzing for a number of reasons.

In just the last couple of weeks, Miley has revealed that she’s working on an entirely new album – one that’s a major departure from the last several she has released, and one that definitely takes a page from her Nashville roots.

Having her famous and talented father by her side, he has been able to witness her entire creative process and see the project come full circle. Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight, Billy Ray opens up about how her new project is coming along and gives his honest feelings on it as a whole.

“I’m so excited about this album,” Billy Ray says of her new music. “Miley really leaned into her roots with this new album. I hear a lot of influences from The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Waylon [Jennings], obviously Dolly – there’s a lot of influences in Miley’s roots. Even down to some of the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

“If you really want to know Miley, this record is a great place to start.”

Having seen his daughter go through many different changes over the year, Billy Ray says of her new image that he loves just seeing her happy.

The former Disney actress and Hannah Montana star recently shared some sneak peeks at her new single, “Malibu” with fans on social media. The track will be available for download and streaming on May 11th on most platforms.

Watch Billy Ray Cyrus’ full interview with ET below and let us know what you think about Miley’s new project in the comments.