Blake Shelton Dances To “Hollaback Girl” As His “Voice” Pre-Show Ritual

The Voice / YouTube

All musicians have a certain routine they do before they go on stage. It’s known as a pre-show ritual. Some do yoga, vocal exercises, and others get themselves pumped up with music.

It is no different for the coaches on Season 18 of The Voice.

In a YouTube video showcasing the show’s road to the live shows, where the viewers get to vote for their favorite singers, the coaches were seen in their trailers getting ready for a taping of the Blind Auditions.

Kelly’s makeup team was applying last minute touches while she had rock music blaring from her speakers.

This is gonna put me in a good mood!” she exclaimed.

Then we saw John’s trailer, which seemed more serene and filled with candles. His “relaxation playlist” began, and it was heavy metal music! Nick was practicing his button-pressing skills while Bollywood-style music played.

The way Blake Shelton got ready for the Blind Auditions? Jamming out to girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s hit song “Hollaback Girl.” Blake sang along to the lyrics and even dances while looking at himself in the mirror!

This isn’t the first time Shelton has rocked out to this song. On New Year’s Eve, he danced to the 2004 song and Stefani documented it on her Instagram Story.

We love seeing all the coaches’ pre-show rituals, but we definitely have a bias for Shelton’s!

Watch it below.