Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson Bet Who Would Win ‘The Voice’ – So What Does He Owe Her?

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Kelly Clarkson Scores First Win As Coach On The Voice

After months of showcasing outstanding talent, Season 14 of The Voice has finally come to a close. On Tuesday night (May 22), it was revealed that 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli of Team Kelly was the winner!

This marks Clarkson’s first time winning The Voice, which is a big deal considering the fact that it was also her first season on the show. The other rankings looked like this: Britton Buchanan of Team Alicia was in second, Kyla Jade of Team Blake was in third, and Spensha Baker, also of Team Blake, came in fourth.

If you’ve been following The Voice for a while, you know that Shelton is the coach with the most wins to his name. So he was probably bummed that he didn’t win with his two contestants…and for more reasons than one.

Throwing It Back To A Bet…

All the way back in March, Shelton and Clarkson sat down with radio station 102.7KIISFM to talk all about The Voice. It was still early on in the season, and Shelton and Clarkson’s rivalry was as intense as ever.

During that interview, the two coaches revealed they had made a bet over who would win the show. Clarkson described the details of that bet, and what they would each owe one another.

We’ve made a bet, we’ve shook hands…when I win he has to call me Queen Kelly Clarkson– yes queen, no queen,” she said. “And if I lose, I have to shut up for five minutes,” she said.

Of course everyone wondered, would they stick to their bet once the finale rolled around?

So, What’s Next?

Since that The Voice is over now, and Clarkson is the winner, Shelton owes her big time. We’re anxious to see if he’ll uphold his end of the bargain and start calling her “Queen” as she requested.

In an interview with Parade after winning the show, Clarkson said she’d make sure that Shelton doesn’t forget what he agreed to. “Oh, girl, don’t think I am not waiting,” she said. “I have not checked my phone, but I am going to hold him to it.”

We’ll get the chance to see even more hijinks from Shelton and Clarkson during the upcoming 15th season of The Voice. Both of them are returning to coach the show, as well as Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson.

Since Clarkson now has a win under her belt, we bet that her friendly feud with Shelton will escalate even more in the upcoming season. Maybe they’ll make another bet!

But until then, we’re sure Clarkson’s trying to soak in all of the joy associated with her first win on The Voice. You can watch the emotional moment she went to greet Cartelli after her name was announced in the clip below.