Bob Seger’s Home Catches Fire On Halloween

Carlos Godfrey / YouTube

On Sunday, October 31st, most Americans woke up and got ready for a day of fun and a night of trick-or-treating.

Unfortunately, one legendary rock star woke up to part of his Orchard Lake, Michigan house on fire. At 6am that morning, The Detroit News reports that alarms sounded and “smoke was discovered erupting from an electrical outlet.”

Fire crews showed up and had to break through a few walls and ceilings to put out the fire, which was contained to a metal chimney flue. Due to all the water used to put the fire out, there was significant water damage in the family room as well as a room downstairs, which houses a golf simulator.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Seger’s house is 18,368 square feet and has eight bedrooms with 10 bathrooms, so only a small part of his house was damaged.

Seger, 76, and his wife, Juanita, were both home when the fire broke out, and managed to safely make it out of the house.

Fire Marshall Byron Turnquist said, “Now the task ahead of us is trying to determine, if we can, what caused the fire.

We’re so happy Seger and his wife made it out safely and unscathed!