Bonner Bolton’s Dream Date Is Dead-Set On Making It Happen

Facebook/Bonner Bolton

After asking her out on national television, this professional bull rider who appeared on DWTS’ most recent season, apparently still has yet to take his ‘Dancing’ co-star out – but she says that it’s definitely going to happen!

Previously, we reported on Bonner Bolton‘s quest to take fellow Dancing With The Stars celebrity, Normani Kordei, on a date. He openly asked her out on national television and then awaited her reply. To nobody’s surprise, she also followed up on the request via a statement on national TV and excitedly said “Yes!”

This all happened back in May 2017, not too long after their season of the show had come to a close – but these two still have yet to go on a date together.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet recently, Kordei, who is a member of girl band Fifth Harmony, revealed that they still have yet to make it happen – but said that it was definitely something they were going to do!

“You were the one who started it all,” Kordei said poking fun at the ET host. “No, we haven’t been on the date yet but when I’m in Texas, I think he’s in Texas right now…I don’t know. We’ll have to link up.”

Both Bolton and Kordei were eliminated from the competition with Kordei staying in it longer than he did and taking home third place.

While these two keep saying “date” and make it sound romantic, Kordei may have implied that the two were just friends with her follow up statement – but we will let you be the judge of that!

Check out the full interview with Normani Kordei about her date with Bonner Bolton in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.