Boot Boogie Babes Perform Line Dance Routine To Luke Bryan’s “Run Run Rudolph”

Boot Boogie Babes - Seattle's Line Dance Team / Facebook

Seattle’s Line Dance Team, the Boot Boogie Babes, got into the Christmas spirit with one of the most fun Christmas songs out there – “Run Run Rudolph!”

Originally performed by legendary musician Chuck Berry in 1958 as “Run Rudolph Run,” the song was written by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie.

It narrates Santa’s rush to deliver gifts using his trusty reindeer. The song’s infectious beat and catchy lyrics have made it a holiday classic, Its creation was inspired by the success of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” continuing the tale of the famous reindeer’s adventures. Over the years, “Run Run Rudolph” has become a festive staple, beloved for its energetic rhythm and joyful spirit.

“Run Run Rudolph” is an upbeat, bluesy Christmas tune that has since been covered by countless singers, most famously in recent years by Brad Paisley, Kelly Clarkson, and Luke Bryan.

The Boot Boogie Babes danced to his version and even gave us a very festive setting by dancing in front of a Christmas tree at their local mall. Each Boot Boogie Babe was outfitted with some type of Christmas accessory whether it be a Santa hat, elf hat, reindeer antlers, or a Christmas light necklace.

The dance was filled with boot stomps, heel kicks, twists, jumps, and a whole lot of energy! Occasionally, the Boot Boogie Babes will post instructional videos, and luckily, they shared the video on how

It’s hard not to smile when seeing these ladies dance, especially to this song! Watch their dance below.