Boy’s Loose Tooth Ripped Out By Live Crab

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A video posted to Instagram shows a father successfully pulling a tooth from his son’s mouth with a freshly-caught crab from the ocean.

In the Instagram post, he said, “My son Sawyer is an absolute legend for going toe to toe with a lunker Dungeness,” he wrote. “I have never seen a tooth pulled like this.”

The video of his son’s courageous battle with the crab starts off with his father using one hand to hold Sawyer’s lip back, while his other gloved hand holds the crab’s claw open.

The father carefully places one of the crab’s claws around the boy’s loose tooth and then lets nature take its course. The crab took its claws and pinched down on the boy’s tooth and plucked it right out of Sawyer’s mouth.

“I think you’re the first kid ever to have a crab rip out your tooth!” Sawyer’s dad says in the video laughing.


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Wildlife experts say that a crab’s claws contain immensely powerful muscles and despite their small size, they can produce a pinch force of about 60 pounds!

Crabs’ claw muscles, pound for pound, produce some of the strongest forces of any animal, according to wildlife experts.

It’s said that crabs are impressively stubborn and sometimes, they will break their own claw or leg off rather than release their hold onto an object.