Carrie Underwood-Approved Workout Set To “The Champion”

Trainer LJ - Fit Mix Mom / YouTube

Fans were thrilled when Carrie Underwood released her first new song since her 2016 single “Dirty Laundry.” Titled “The Champion,” the upbeat and inspiring track features rapper Ludacris and was written as an anthem for the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

The song trended on iTunes almost immediately and was a huge hit among Underwood’s fans, although it is a very different sound than what we’re used to from her.

As we all know, Underwood is dedicated to her physical fitness, so it’s no surprise that she would share some workout videos she’s come across that have used her song “The Champion” as the soundtrack.

A woman by the name of Trainer LJ put together a fun, yet effective HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout set to the tune of Underwood’s latest release. Trainer LJ describes the workout as an “epic cardio kickboxing HIIT dance fitness workout.”

LJ put motions including kicks, punches, burpees, and jumps into the HIIT dance workout that looks like it will make you sweat from the get-go! Underwood liked this workout so much that she said it looks like something she’d come up with herself!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try this workout at home! Check it out in the video below.