Carrie Underwood Honors George Michael With 2008 Cover Of ‘Praying For Time’

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The Lasting Legacy Of George Michael

When news broke that singer-songwriter George Michael had passed away on Christmas 2016, the music industry went into mourning. 

In his 35 years as a performer, Michael brought us a total of eight Billboard number one hits, including “Careless Whisper,” “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” and his heartbreaking 1990 single, “Praying for Time.”

Michael wrote the emotional tune, which focuses on the topics of social injustice and poverty. Rolling Stone wrote a rave review about the song, describing it as such:

A distraught look at the world’s astounding woundedness. Michael offers the healing passage of time as the only balm for physical and emotional hunger, poverty, hypocrisy and hatred.”

“Praying for Time” remained in the Top 40 on the Billboard chart for ten weeks. Due to its popularity, the song managed to touch millions of lives, including the life of one of today’s biggest country music stars.

How His Passing Touched Carrie

When Carrie Underwood learned that Michael had passed away, she took to Instagram to write a touching message. Underwood revealed that she had admired Michael since she was young, writing the following:

As a child, his was the first voice I could pick out of the sea of voices I hear on the radio, Before I knew anything about him, I knew his voice…his songs and his voice helped teach me how to sing.

Due to Michael’s influence, Underwood developed her talent as a vocalist and went on to win the 2005 season of American Idol. That win sent her straight into country stardom, and today she is one of the biggest stars in music.

Back in 2008, Underwood returned to her Idol home to honor the man who had inspired her to pursue her own singing career. Singing during the Idol Gives Back charity concert, Underwood honored Michael with an emotional cover of “Praying for Time.”

A Gorgeous Rendition Of Michael’s Song

Seated on a stool at the center of the stage, Underwood was circled by a pianist and a group of violinists. Those talented musicians provided a soaring accompaniment as Underwood moved into the song, leaving everyone in the audience breathless.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that “Praying for Time” was Underwood’s own song.

The passion she put into her performance shows just how much the song and Michael meant to her. Because of her passionate delivery, you’ll be hooked on her every word up until the conclusion of the song.

The crowd surely had chills as they listened to Underwood’s jaw-dropping cover “Praying for Time.” You’re likely to have the same reaction when you watch her performance in the video below.

We’d say that Underwood made her musical idol more than proud with this performance.