Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Son’s Possible Career In Music

The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube, Carrie Underwood / Instagram

If Carrie Underwood’s son decides to embark on a career path in music, the country star fully supports him.

Tuesday, Underwood made a virtual appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show and opened up about her five-year-old son, Isaiah, and his already present singing abilities. Recently, Isaiah joined his mother for a duet of “Little Drummer Boy” on Underwood’s Christmas album, My Gift. 


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“You can kind of tell when someone has pitch. He can sing along with me and you can tell what song he’s singing if he’s just singing on his own, because he’s singing the correct notes,” Underwood explained. “He’s almost 6 but he is just a little guy. So I don’t know if he’ll have that or have that passion at all.”

While Isaiah has plenty of time to decide on a career, Underwood states that she will support her son in whatever he chooses to do. The country star revealed:

“We’re supportive of whatever he wants to do, but he definitely has pitch so I figured him coming in and singing, we could make it to where [we] could use the best parts of whatever he did and make it good.”


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Underwood bragged that Isaiah did a great job in the recording booth for “Little Drummer Boy,” but her son will not appear on her anticipated gospel album. The singer states:

“He did not get back into the recording booth for this album. We got to ease our way in. He’s gonna think he’s a special singer before it’s too long I’m sure.”

You can watch the full interview in the video below!