Carrie Underwood Responds To Fan Who Said Her Son Has ‘Attitude’

FaceCulture / YouTube

At 4 years old, young Isaiah Fisher really started to really show his hilarious personality.

His parents, country singer Carrie Underwood and retired NHL player Mike Fisher, love to document it for their fans, who are likely going through similar things with their kids! Isaiah has turned into a fun little kid who loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PJ Masks, and his toy potato.

Over the summer in 2019, Underwood shared a photo of the potato Isaiah chose to play with instead of all his other real toys.

His personality shined through again in October when Isaiah told his mom that he wanted to look at her, because he hadn’t looked at her “in months.”

Well, Isaiah just did something again that Underwood felt the world needed to know! He snuck the word “unreasonable” into a conversation, and she has no clue where he learned the word!

Where does he get this stuff?” she asked herself.

Underwood responded to a couple fans after her initial tweet. One said, “That’s fabulous! Got to love kids and their vocabulary! As a little kid I would drop actually into every conversation.”

The “Cry Pretty” songstress told the fan that Isaiah had recently gone through the “actually” phase already.

She also responded to a fan who suggested her son said the phrase with attitude. According to Pop Culture Country, the fan wrote, “I’d have been slapped if I was a four-year-old speaking to my parents like that.

Underwood assured the fan, “Ha ha. It wasn’t an attitude thing…he just threw it into a normal conversation.”

The country star’s husband had an idea of how Isaiah learned the word…from him!

He may have overheard me complain about my honey do list,” the former NHL star tweeted to his wife.

Kids just say the darnedest things! Watch Underwood sing “Happy Birthday” to Isaiah recently. It’s hilarious!