Carrie Underwood Says Life As A Mom Of Two Is ‘Messy’

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Carrie Adjusts To Life After New Baby

On social media, it looks like your favorite celebrities live perfect and flawless lives. They travel to exciting places, eat the healthiest-looking food, and their children always seem like adorable, innocent angels.

But just like you and I, celebrities are usually only sharing the positives of their lives on social media. The thought is that no one wants to hear about how you ate a bunch of pizza and ice cream for dinner or how your baby kept you up all night.

This is a wall that Carrie Underwood has tried to break through following the birth of her second son, Jacob, in January 2019.

Carrie has been up front and honest about her struggles since Jacob’s birth, especially when it comes to “bouncing back” to her pre-pregnancy weight.

In a lengthy post she shared on Instagram, Carrie explained that it was much easier for her to get fit after the birth of her first son, Isaiah, in 2015. But returning to that same level of fitness was harder after she had Jacob, which bothered the “Love Wins” singer at first.

But she eventually came to accept the struggle, realizing that as long as she works hard, she will still reach her goals, just maybe not as fast as she did before. “I make a promise to myself to start appreciating what my body CAN do and stop focusing on what it can’t,” she wrote.

Sharing “Mom Life” Struggles On Social Media

Fans responded warmly to Carrie’s honesty, prompting her to share a series of other “real” posts about being a new mom of two. On Twitter, she shared how a nice lady at a restaurant offered to buy her a drink after she had to carry a “poo covered” Jacob upstairs and back to her table after she only grabbed one diaper and a couple of wipes.

Also on Twitter, Carrie wrote about a rough night she had with Jacob that ended in her waking up with a migraine in the morning. And it just so happened to be the morning of the 2019 ACM Awards.

But if Carrie had never said a word, no one would have known that the glamorously dressed country star walking the red carpet was actually a tired mama fighting a migraine.

She shared another “real” moment from her day when she posted a photo of her getting ready for the awards that night. You look at the photo and see a glammed up Carrie, then read the caption and find out that she was also pumping at the same time.

Carrie Gets Real On The Red Carpet

Carrie further opened up about her struggles to adjust to being a new mom of two when she spoke to E! News on the red carpet at the ACM Awards in 2019.

Even though baby Jacob was approaching three months old at the time, she admitted that it was still a challenge to adjust to him being home. “We’re still figuring out our groove, to be honest,” she said.”I don’t know if we’ll ever figure it out.”

She also detailed the pressure that people seem to place on celebrities to be perfect parents, but she admitted that in reality, they’re just like everyone else.

People expect more of us ‘celebrities,'” she said. “Everyone is busy showing the highlight reels of their life, but life is messy.

Even though life is far from easy for Carrie right now, she loves it, and especially loves being a mom.”I’m a mom first and foremost,” she said. “That’s my favorite. I love my job but that’s my favorite role to play.”

You can tell how much Carrie loves being a mama when you watch the video below. It shows her singing a silly “Happy Birthday” song for Isaiah while holding baby Jacob at the same time. We give her serious credit for being so honest about what it’s like to be a parent!