Chris Stapleton’s Wife Morgane Shares Years Old Photo With Her Sister

Morgane Stapleton / Instagram

A Look Into The Stapletons’ Lives

Chris Stapleton‘s wife Morgane is his partner in both life and music. They travel everywhere together, and Chris is hardly ever seen on stage without Morgane standing right by his side.

Because of her front-and-center role in Chris’ life, Morgane has generated a fanbase of her own. She has over 152,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares little glances into her life and travels with Chris.

While we love everything that Morgane posts, the throwback photos she shares are some of our favorite things to see.

Morgane Hasn’t Changed A Bit

In honor of Valentine’s Day in 2019, she shared a years-old photo of herself and Chris, in which she looks exactly the same but Chris looks completely different. That’s because he had short hair, no beard, and was wearing glasses!

Chris’ lack of hair is something Morgane commented on in the caption to her photo, writing, “I can’t remember when you weren’t my world (or when your hair was this short).”

Chris has certainly changed a lot since that photo was taken, but it seems like Morgane hasn’t changed a bit! In fact, the only real difference we can pick up on is the fact that her hair is now a little longer.

Just for reference, here’s are some more recent photos of Morgane. Look at them, then look at the throwback photo above. She hasn’t aged a bit!

Morgane Found The Fountain Of Youth

But if you really want to have your mind blown, just wait until you see the throwback photo Morgane shared in honor of National Siblings Day.

This photo appears to be even older than the one of Morgane and Chris. It shows Morgane and her little sister Melissa, with both sisters all dolled up in long, snazzy jackets (Morgane’s was leopard print) and holding cowboy hats.

We’re not sure what the story behind the photo is, but what we do know is that Morgane looks exactly the same today as she did back then! Again, the only difference is the fact that her hair was much shorter and seemingly blonder than it is now.

Check out the picture below to see what we mean!

Morgane needs to show us where the fountain of youth is, because she clearly found it. Also, how beautiful is her sister?

One Extraordinary Woman

You know what else hasn’t changed with the passage of time? Morgane’s extraordinary talent. Many of Chris’ songs give her the chance to shine, especially his rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

The song actually features Morgane on lead, and is stunning to listen to. Check out one of her live performances in the video below.

We have so much love and appreciation for this woman and her talents!