Carrie Underwood Shares Emotional Duet With Young Girl Who Survived Cancer

catcountry987 / YouTube

Country music star Carrie Underwood is praised for her sweet, southern image and her incredibly kind hearted acts. The American Idol winner was filmed joining in a heartwarming duet with a young cancer survivor in a backstage encounter. The endearing girl, dressed in a darling white and blue dress while rocking an adorable cowboy hat, not only wanted to meet the “All-American Girl” singer, but desperately craved an opportunity to join her in a duet! Little did she know, her dream was about to come true.

Underwood humbly joined the survivor in a sweet melody of Underwood’s heartbreaking hit, “Temporary Home” that sent viewers straight to tears. Their duet, purely vocal, consisted on enchanting harmony and raw emotion from both vocalists so clearly sharing a key bond through the powerful hit.

Underwood is all smiles during this performance, acknowledging her fan’s talent and lively energy.

Despite their two vastly different lifestyles, these two ladies share something incredible and often overlooked: admiration for one other. Watch the video below for the emotional rollercoaster.