Kelly Clarkson Reacts To News Of Kim Kardashian’s Armed Robbery

BFA/MatteoPrandon (Left), Entertainment Tonight (Right)

After the clock struck midnight in Paris on Monday, reality star Kim Kardashian was held  at gunpoint and robbed of $9 million dollars worth of jewelry. The mother of two and wife to rapper Kanye West was met with a less than pleasant reactions from both the media at large as well her millions of followers on social media passing blame onto her for the robbery.

Once news broke Twitter instantly lit up with harsh statements regarding the ordeal. From “Kim Kardashian deserved to be shot last night” to claiming she “got what she deserved.” The police even went on to issue a statement claiming the socialite was to blame due to her oversharing on social media. In the midst of all the negative vibes being sent the Kardashian clan’s way, Kelly Clarkson was quick to jump to her defense.

“People overshare…but it’s asinine to say someone deserved that or asked for that,” Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight. “That’s, like, someone’s mom and sister and daughter.”

Clarkson went on to fire back at people criticizing Kim for having millions of dollars worth of jewelry in her possession, saying, “she can wear whatever she wants.” The jewelry stolen from Kim’s private Parisian apartment was a ring worth and estimated $4.5 million and a jewelry box containing another $6 million.

“No one deserves to be held at gunpoint, even people we really don’t like…[even] if you don’t like them,” says Clarkson. “It’s terrifying and not right.”

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