Trisha Yearwood Gives Passionate Message To Cancer Survivors In Powerful Performance

Although currently touring with her legendary husband Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood has had no difficulties showcasing her breathtaking talent and giving the Garth Brooks World Tour the perfect amount of “Yearwood” that it needs. The “Walkaway Joe” singer had quite the performance back in April of 2016 when she took advantage of her glorious stage time and shared it with her doting fans. Yearwood begins to interact with her fans, passionately explaining to them,

“This next song, though, is about hope. It’s a song about courage. So, if you love somebody, if you’ve been touched by cancer, then you are a prizefighter… And if you are currently kicking cancer’s ass, then YOU are a prizefighter!”

Yearwood’s audience erupted in cheers as she addressed the tragic disease and dedicated her performance of her song “Prizefighter” to those fighting the draining battle. As Yearwood sang her uplifting tribute, the monstrous screen directly behind the singer proudly displayed incredibly moving, yet brutally honest, photos of what the life-altering diagnosis entails. Various messages from loved ones also flooded the stadium, permeating an unbreakable bond of unity and compassion amongst the audience members.

As she performed, Yearwood shielded the blinding spotlights from her eye in order to properly see her engaged audience members cheering her on and waving vigorously, to those in which she graciously returned with a bright smile and endearing wave!

The performance not only underlined the heartbreaking truth that embodies cancer, but it successfully gave those experiencing the fight an opportunity for recognition of their battle they will no doubt win.