Gwen Stefani’s Rep Finally Speaks Out About Her Pregnancy Rumors

Credit: YouTube/Daavaaaad

Stefani “wants a baby girl after years of feeling outnumbered at home” and current boyfriend Blake Shelton is apparently set to marry her before she gives birth, according to one report.

In response to the thousands of rumors speculating their upcoming marriage and yet-to-be born child, Gwen Stefani‘s representative has finally spoken out on the headlines and is coming forward with an official statement.

Stefani and Shelton have been officially dating for nearly a year – just shortly after they were spotted at various spots in Nashville for Halloween, and they both had exited long marriages just a few short months prior. It’s likely that this common life event and their time spent on The Voice that allowed them to find love in one another, but they’ve remained very tight-lipped on any “baby” or “marriage” talk.

Fortunately, Gossip Cop was able to obtain some clarity on where their relationship is headed – direct from Stefani’s rep.

Referencing the original report that says “She wouldn’t want to be an unwed mother at the time of the baby’s birth, so she’ll definitely be marrying Blake before then,” the police-like news outlet spoke with her rep seeking comment on the claims that she was a “pregnant bride” to which the rep exclusively told them that all such allegations are “untrue”.

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