Carrie Underwood Sings Duet With Bride-To-Be In Las Vegas

Jennifer Wegner / YouTube

Carrie Underwood kicked off her new Las Vegas residency, REFLECTION, on December 1. From the costumes to the set pieces, she has pulled out all the stops to make her show spectacular.

During one show, Carrie spoke about her #1 hit from 2007, “All-American Girl.” She recalled how she used to bring young girls up on stage with her to sing “All-American Girl” during her concerts.

When we were putting this show together, we got to thinking, and those little girls are all grown up,” Carrie said. “They could be doing lots of things, making the world a better place. They could be in college, they could be in Vegas, perhaps on a bachelorette weekend.”

Then, Carrie scanned the crowd for a bride-to-be, asking, “Would one of you maybe like to come up and sing with me?

Several bachelorette groups jumped up and down and tried to get Carrie’s attention. She eventually picked out a bride-to-be named Megan, and had her join her on stage.

Carrie asked Megan if she knew the words to “All-American Girl,” and she confirmed that she did. The two began their duet, and Carrie was amazed to hear that Megan was actually a pretty skilled singer!

Megan can sing,” Carrie exclaimed.

The pair’s duet was filmed by one of the attendees. They shared the video on YouTube, and you can watch it below.

After Carrie and Megan finished singing together, Carrie shared some well-wishes for her. “Congratulations and good luck with the wedding,” she said.

Megan is getting married in November 2022. She started her wedding celebrations in a memorable way by singing a duet with Carrie during her bachelorette party!