Country Singer’s Family Asks For Prayers As He Battles “Mystery Illness”

The Henningsens / Facebook

A country singer-songwriter’s family is asking for prayers as he battles a “mystery illness” that has left doctors puzzled.

Aaron Henningsen is known as one of the members of the country music trio, The Henningsens. He performs in the group along with his father, Brian, and sister, Clara.

The trio released their debut single, “American Beautiful” in 2012. They also wrote a number of popular songs for other artists, including The Band Perry‘s “You Lie” and Billy Currington‘s “Drinkin’ Town with a Football Problem.”

Although The Henningsens are less active than they used to be, they still perform together form time to time. On December 5, the trio sang a selection of songs from their Christmas record at the CrossCountry Cowboy Church in Columbia, Tennessee.

Not long after that performance, Aaron fell ill.

According to a message on a GoFundMe page for Aaron, he has been battling a “mystery illness” for weeks:

Aaron is currently in the hospital at Tri Star Centennial in downtown Nashville after being to multiple other doctors and ERs in the area. He’s been dealing with some sort of mystery illness for over two weeks now. The doctors aren’t quite sure what the diagnosis is at this point and are looking further into the symptoms. His family is anxiously awaiting answers and explanations.”

The note lists all of Aaron’s symptoms, saying he’s “dealt with mystery rashes, fevers, [and] dehydration.” He has also been unable to sleep.

Aaron’s devoted wife, lelyn, has never left his side. Their children miss them both terribly, especially since Christmas is fast-approaching.

The family hopes Aaron will be home for the holidays, but have no idea if that will be possible. Aaron has already missed a lot of work, and may miss more in the future. As the GoFundMe message reads, “They believe he may have a long road to recovery that will likely put him out of work in the near future.”

The note ends with a prayer request from Aaron’s family. “They also ask that you would join them in prayers of healing for Aaron and that God would direct the doctors and give them wisdom on how to best help Aaron.”

CMT quotes Aaron’s sister, Clara. She said her brother has a long way to go, but their family remains hopeful he will be alright in the end:

Aaron still has to undergo a lot of recovery but we have no doubt that his health will be completely restored in time,” she said. “God has proven Himself to us through this whole experience and He’s not about to stop now.”

If you’d like to make a donation to the GoFundMe to help Aaron and his family with their expenses during this trying time, click here

We’ll be keeping Aaron and his family in our prayers.