Carrie Underwood’s Hidden Camera Prank In Nashville Boot Store

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Leading up to the 53rd Annual CMA Awards, host Carrie Underwood was not only busy with rehearsals, but also with promoting the awards show!

She teamed up with ABC’s late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live to go undercover at Nashville Cowboy, a local boot store. Underwood was in the back room watching customers in the store on hidden cameras. With some help from the employees, she was able to find out some info on each customer, including their name and where they are from.

Then, a Carrie Underwood song would play in the store, which isn’t that unusual for a boot store, but it was the actual Carrie Underwood singing made up lyrics about the customers into a microphone.

The first unsuspecting customers were three women from Virginia.

To the tune of “Before He Cheats,” Carrie sang, “Right now, we got three ladies who want to buy some cute boots and go line dancing. Right now, one lady has purple hair, she’s the punk rock one gonna get some boots now.”

The women were unfazed until Carrie sang the lyric, “These girls are coming from Virginia.”

The “Cry Pretty” singer then walked out from the back room and the women freaked out!

She also made a man named John dance for his boots, two men high five, one man look up facts about ostriches, and surprised another trio of women!

Watch the epic prank below.