Three-Antlered Deer Seen In Michigan By Wildlife Photographer

photo credit: Steve Lindberg / Facebook

Rare Three-Antlered Deer Photographed In Michigan

Steve Lindberg, a 75-year-old retired man has captured pictures of a rare three-antlered deer walking around the woods of Michigan’s upper peninsula.

The Photographer Who Took The Pictures

Steve posted the pictures to his Facebook on November 10th (2019) and it quickly started getting shared around the internet which got the attention of many media outlets.

According to Detroit Free Press, who was the first to report on the deer, Steve has been an amateur photographer ever since he retired from the state Legislature in 2012.

He’s been a hunter all his life but has decided to put down the gun and pick up the camera to shoot animals with instead. Loving the pictures he was capturing, in 2013 he made a New Year’s resolution to post a picture every day to his Facebook showing the different animals he’s spotted in the wild.

“I’d always been interested in photography and cameras,” Steve said, according to Detroit Free Press. “I made a New Year’s resolution in 2013. Im going to put a picture a day on Facebook.”

Is The Photo Real Or Fake?

When you look at his Facebook you can see he was not joking. Every day he posts a new picture of animals doing their thing in nature. When he posted the picture of the three-antlered deer though, some people thought the images were fake and photoshopped.

One guy wrote on his post, “That’s a beauty buck Steve. But is it real? It looks like a lousy job at Photoshop,” in which Steve responded to with “I’ve got 50 other shots .. pretty hard to photoshop all them.” 

Most people enjoyed the pictures for their true authenticity saying that “it’s beautiful” and according to Detroit Free Press, veterinarian Dr. Steve Edwards of Lakeview Animal Clinic in Lakeview looked at the pictures and believes they are real.

Dr. Edwards said the deer’s right antler was probably damaged when it was young and it split into two or it was born with a damaged bud that made the split. Either way, he finds it rare to see antlers grow like this.