Dog Born With Tail Growing Between Its Eyes Was Abandoned By Owner

Facebook / Mac the Pitbull

Just a unique little puppy, this rescued fella seems to have been born with an extra tail…but it’s not the fact he has two that’s most interesting, but rather the location of his second tail.

His precious little face is as sweet as ever, but he seems to have been given a special little tail that grew right between his eyes! Think “unicorn,” but a dog version!

Mac’s Mission – a pit bull rescue organization based in Missouri, picked up this little pup that was abandoned by whoever was his owner and luckily has found his way into the loving arms of the rescue workers.

The folks there named him “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn” which is quite fitting given his circumstances. Doctors say that the extra tail is just a random genetic anomaly and that it is not affecting him in any way, so there’s no reason to remove it.

In December 2019, Narwhal was officially adopted by Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission.

Before Rochelle decided to adopt Narwhal herself, he was put up for adoption and got hundreds of allocations to take him. Scared that he would be exploited and used to make money unethically due to his rare extra tail, the organization owner decided to keep him.

“If somebody is going to make money off of him, I would love to see it go toward the rescue, and save thousands more dogs,” Rochelle told the Southeast Missourian.

Check out the cute video of him playing below!