Luke Bryan’s Wife Catches Teen Nephew In Hysterical Halloween Costume

If there’s one country music spouse you should follow on social media, it’s Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan‘s wife. A lot of people have discovered the greatness that is her Instagram over the past few months since her profile has gone from private to public. She uses her Instagram in many different ways. Spreading Awareness Caroline […] More

Country Star’s “Landslide” Rendition Delivers Avalanche Of Emotions

It’s one iconic and classic song that has been covered a numerous amount of times. From its soft ballad to meaningful lyrics, the heartfelt tune is known to resurface a plentiful of emotions. Originally written by Stevie Nicks and performed by Fleetwood Mac, the famous tune “Landslide” has become a world-renowned smash. Since its release, several […] More

Bobby Bones’ Chemistry With Partner Heats Up During DWTS Disney Week

Dancing With The Stars got Disney-fied this week as their competitors each picked one classic Disney song to dance to. While all their numbers were jaw-dropping, Bobby Bones and his partner Sharna stole the show with their The Little Mermaid-inspired waltz. The show opened up with the cast and crew wondering where Mickey Mouse was. As […] More

Things Go Awry When Baby Goat Attempts To Befriend Cat

Sometimes opposites attract. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one spunky baby goat and the sassy kitty he tried to befriend. It all started out innocently enough. A tiny little fur ball of a goat jumps around a kitchen egging on the house cat to play with him. The kitty is obviously unamused by the […] More

Hysterical Ray Stevens Parody Reminds Us Of Old-Fashioned Comedy

It was a 70s country classic that moved listeners all across the country. Originally written and composed by Kris Kristofferson and later covered by Sammi Smith, the ballad has had tremendous success. Kristofferson admitted that his inspiration for this song came from singer Frank Sinatra.  During an interview, Sinatra was asked “what do you believe […] More