Caught On Camera: Dog Refuses To Leave The Park With His Owner

wipandco Youtube

Park goers suffered from a serious laugh attack as they watched one dog owner plead with his pooch to leave the park, resulting in a downright hilarious sequence of attempts to trick this dog into heading home. One viewer recorded the moment, showing a man leaning over his pup who is clearly making his body limp as he relaxes on the soft grass. The man gently lifted his dog towards him by his front paws, prompting the animal to throw is head back and desperately try to bring his body back to the ground.

To no avail, the man allowed the dog back on the ground as he searched for a nearby twig to hopefully snag his furry friend’s attention. After finding a decent distraction, the owner attempted to lure the sneaky dog with the object, only to have him wait until the branch is just before his face before chomping down and holding the piece hostage. Thinking outside the box, the owner found a much larger branch and placed it between his own teeth as he made his way towards the dog. The dog, intrigued by his owner’s new approach, perked up as he contemplated throwing in the bone and falling for the trap.

The pup finally rose to his paws and greeted the man to share the new toy! All smiles, the furry dog trotted after his human, eagerly waiting for his chance with the branch. As the two headed for home, park goers were besides themselves in laughter and sheer awe for the hilarious dog and his more than patient owner. We’re sure this video will give you the same dose of laughter. Check it out below!