MLB Player Brings Ballroom To Tears With Emotional Dance Set To “Humble And Kind”

YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

During the 24th season of Dancing With The Stars, each professional dancer got to choose a song that best represented their celebrity partner and choreograph a dance to it.

Former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross, DWTS‘ very first MLB player, sat down with his partner Lindsay Arnold to hear what song she chose for him. Throughout the process, the two became quite close and because of their age gap, Arnold referred to him as her second dad, and he thinks of her as another daughter.

Arnold told him she chose Tim McGraw’s song “Humble and Kind” because of his incredible character, which moved the two-time world champion to tears. He revealed that his goal in life is to be a stand up guy who treats everyone with love and respect, and for someone who has known him for only two months to be able to see that, “is incredible,” he said in his pre-performance package.

They incorporated their father-daughter type relationship into the beginning of their Waltz when Arnold stood on Ross’s feet. Hearts all over America were captured in the very moment. Their performance was graceful, beautiful, and full of emotion.

Ross broke town in tears after the dance, just before the judges’ critiques and receiving his best score of the season with a 36. Head judge Len Goodman called this his “best dance.” Ross and Arnold advanced to the semi-finals when bull rider Bonner Bolton was eliminated. Although he had the least amount of dance experience, his Cubs fan base and his great attitude kept him in the competition, and he ultimately placed second!

What did you think of their dance? Watch the touching performance below.