Caught On Camera: Miranda Lambert’s Husband Falls Down Stairs

Brendan McLoughlin / Instagram

Thanks to a Ring doorbell, Miranda Lambert has shared that her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, is human. Before this incident, all we’ve seen of Brendan in the four years he and Miranda have been married is a polished (and sometimes shirtless) version of him!


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In an Instagram Story posted on Feb 1, 2023, Miranda posted a video that her Ring doorbell camera caught. It was of Brendan walking down the front steps of their house, but as he took one step out, he slipped down the 6-7 steps. He managed to brace himself by holding onto both railings and sort of crouching while he slid down. He may have made contact with his back/butt on the last couple steps, but it happened so fast we couldn’t really tell!

He stood up quickly, but remained bent over. He let out a whistle that signified he had narrowly escaped something bad. Miranda’s video cut off here.

She wrote on the video, “Our ring camera just captured this little hem,! Brendan busted it on the stairs. I edited it to spare y’all the profanity at the end.”

Miranda reassured her fans, “Also he is fine!”

Brendan found his spill hilarious, so he posted the full video on his Instagram page. After the whistle, Brendan groaned and cursed, before groaning again. And then again a few more times. As he walked to his truck, you can see the wet spot the ice left on his jeans.

“I feel like I need to post this to give everyone a good laugh,” he wrote alongside the video.

Watch it below!