Choir Of Students Sing “Amazing Grace” While Walking Through River

YouTube/BYU Noteworthy

Nine of the most talented a cappella singers you may ever hear walked through an icy-cold river to sing their praises to the Lord in this truly beautiful rendition of the 1779 hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

Known for the heavenly voices, the Brigham Young University female a cappella group has once again outdone themselves with pitch-perfect notes and spine-tingling harmonies that basically speak to the heavens.

BYU Noteworthy / Youtube

Not only did they blend their own, stunning, sound with this beloved hymn, but they also made this performance quite unique by performing the “My Chains Are Gone” version of it – all while standing ankle-deep in a freezing cold river!

Chris Tomlin’s beautiful take on this song is the perfect choice for their impressive sound, and with each reverberating note they issue – you can hear the meaning of it resound within them.

The group, called Noteworthy, has chartered a grand career in music since its inception in 2004 and even participated in NBC’s hit show, The Sing Off, back in 2009.

Watch this heavenly performance in the video below and let us know what you think of their version in the comments!