Costco’s New Membership Feature Will Change Your Life

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America’s favorite bulk-shopping warehouse has just released a new feature for all of its members this week and people are thrilled to hear about it…but there’s a big catch.

For years, Costco’s membership access has hinged on a photo-printed card that has your name and membership number printed on it. They check your information when you enter the store, and then the digitally verify you when they swipe your card at the checkout.

Along with secure access and great prices, Costco also gives each member a list of benefits to enjoy. Members pay an annual fee, and in return, Costco tries to maximize their experience.

One of the incredible benefits is the ability to return any purchase at any time if you are unsatisfied – this even includes your own membership!

Now, they are adding a life-changing new feature to the membership that thousands have been begging for: Digital Membership Cards!

All you have to do is have an iPhone or Android phone and download Costco’s official app. From there, you register your membership and link your email.

Next, sign in and select “View Membership” – your card pops up right on the screen and can be shown upon entry and scanned when you check out!

For folks with the Business and Executive membership plans,  you can also view your cashback rewards balance from that screen as well.

But…this new feature comes with a very big catch. 

How many of y’all fill up the car or truck when you go to Costco? I mean, you’re there – might as well take advantage of the cheaper gas instead of making a second trip, amirite?

Well, if you’re planning on filling up the rig with gas on your next trip. You have to bring your physical membership card.

That’s right – these fancy new digital cards will not work at the gas pumps.

Watch this crazy video about all the ways you can shop at Costco without having a membership.

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