“Good Samaritan” Smashes Woman’s Windows – Is Horribly Mistaken

Twitter / Maddie Rickmers, Domo

One furious vehicle owner returned from a fairly short shopping trip to find that her car had been vandalized by another patron of the same store – and she took to the internet to share the craziness of the situation.

Posted anonymously to a local group on Facebook, photos of the smashed car window and a statement by the vehicle owner seemed to rouse up quite a bit of chatter with fellow members after the situation was explained.

Apparently, this person’s daughter had left her stuffed dog toy in the back seat. Some passerby looked in on the car and thought that the animal was a real dog – and in distress considering the recent heatwave.

They then smashed the window to save the “dog” only to quickly realize that the animal was just a very good replica.

“I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has smashed the back window in as they thought my daughters plush toy dog was a real dog trapped in the heat. How can you be this stupid? Shame on you,” the vehicle owner wrote on the post.

Unfortunately for this vehicle owner, the toy is meant to be a nearly-identical copy of a dog and designed to be lifelike. It even can breathe like a dog when it’s turned on.

Truly, the passerby had good motive to smash the window, but the driver obviously thinks differently! Read her full post below and let us know who you agree with in the comments!