Country Artists Participate In “The Dolly Parton Challenge” On Social Media

(Left) Dolly Parton / Instagram/(Right) Reba McEntire / Instagram

Dolly Parton is responsible for starting what many are calling one of the first social media trends of 2020. Appropriately titled “The Dolly Parton Challenge,” the trend has taken off all over the internet.

It all started when Dolly posted a collage of four photos. The four pictures in the collage are meant to represent profile photos for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

Since LinkedIn is a website used for networking and job hunting, Parton used a professional-looking photo for it. For Facebook, she picked an innocent, smiley picture that captures the more casual vibe the site is known for.

Then for Instagram, Dolly picked a picture that shows her striking a serious pose, since Instagram is usually where people want to show off their photography/modeling a little bit more.

Finally, Dolly used one of her famous Playboy shots to represent a Tinder profile picture, since Tinder is a dating app. People want to look like hot stuff on there!

People loved Dolly’s post, and soon others began to follow her lead. We’re sure you’ve seen some of your friends posting collages like this!

Celebrities were also eager to participate in “The Dolly Parton Challenge,” especially country stars. Everyone from LeAnn Rimes to Clint Black has jumped on the bandwagon by now, and we’re sure many more will follow.

Scroll below to take a look at some of our favorite “Dolly Parton Challenge” collages that country artists have posted on social media.

Hunter Hayes

Hunter didn’t make this collage himself, but credited a fan for putting it together.…you’re a legend,” he said in response to the photos.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn said “one must partake” when a “Dolly Parton Challenge” starts going viral! She was happy to do so, and picked the perfect pictures for each social profile.

Adam Chance of Home Free

Home Free‘s baritone harmony singer was one of the first to jump in on Dolly’s new challenge! He made it clear he was amused by the whole thing, including a cry-laughing emoji in his post.

Sara Evans

Sara was able to find a great Tinder photo thanks to her time on Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars in 2006. She was striking a pose!

Clint Black

Clint’s wife and fellow country singer, Lisa Hartman Black, makes an appearance in his collage. You can see her in the photo he chose to represent his Facebook profile.

Craig Wayne Boyd, Winner Of Voice Season 7

Speaking of wives, Craig‘s wife Taylor can be seen in his example of a Tinder profile picture. He hilariously points out the fact that you can see his wedding ring in the snapshot.

Craig’s Voice coach, Blake Shelton, also makes an appearance in the picture Craig picked for Facebook.

Reba McEntire

Reba‘s rendition of “The Dolly Parton Challenge” is one of our favorites! We find it funny she used a picture of her Reba sitcom family as her Facebook profile picture.

Luke Bryan & The American Idol Judges

Luke hasn’t done his own “Dolly Parton Challenge” yet, but he does appear in a collage American Idol put together of him and the other judges.

There are a few other “Dolly Parton Challenge” posts we’d like to feature here, though they don’t come from country singers. However, they do come from people with ties to the industry and the country community.

Keep scrolling to check them out!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Actress and wife to Brad Paisley, Kimberly wanted to know if she was doing Dolly’s challenge right. Like this @dollyparton?” she asked when she posted her photos.

Based on her fans’ response to the pictures, we’d say she succeeded at the challenge.

Bobby Bones

The country radio host and American Idol advisor couldn’t resist participating in “The Dolly Parton Challenge.” Like Sara Evans, it appears Bobby chose a picture from his time on Dancing with the Stars to use for his Tinder profile photo.

Bubba J

Jeff Dunham‘s redneck puppet Bubba J may be responsible for creating the most hilarious version of “The Dolly Parton Challenge” we have seen so far. That Tinder profile picture is too funny for words!

Dolly started quite the trend! Whose rendition of the challenge do you like the best?

We can’t wait to see who else decides to participate!