Country Singer Avoids Elimination In History-Making Moment On “The Voice”

The Voice / YouTube

We bet y’all thought you had seen it all on The Voice. But something wild happened on Monday night’s (October 11) episode, and it made history.

It was the first night of the Season 21 battle rounds. One of the most outstanding battles was between Ohio-based trio Girl Named Tom and country singer Kinsey Rose, both members of Team Kelly.

Coach Kelly Clarkson had the four performers sing “Seven Bridges Road” during their battle. The song was written and originally recorded by country artist Steve Young. But the most well-known version was recorded by the Eagles in 1980.

After working with Kelly and their advisor, Jason Aldean, in rehearsals, Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose hit the Voice stage to compete over “Seven Bridges Road.” Kinsey faced the greatest challenge, since she had to make herself stand out against three other voices.

A weaker performer could have been easily overshadowed by Girl Named Tom. But Kinsey held her own.

When it came time for Kelly to choose the winner of the battle, she was at a loss. She loved both artists, and didn’t want to send anyone home.

After much deliberation, Kelly finally named Girl Named Tom as the winner of the battle. However, Kinsey’s time on the show didn’t end there.

In a history-making moment, all three of the other coaches (Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton) all pressed their “steal” button to bring Kinsey onto their teams. On top of that, Kelly pressed her “save” button to keep Kinsey on her team. Such a thing has never happened on The Voice before.

Kinsey, I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve never seen this on ‘The Voice,‘” said host Carson Daly in shock. “…Thank God we have no more coaches to press buttons.”

Kinsey went from thinking she was going home, to suddenly having all four coaches clamoring to have her on their teams. Now she was the one with a choice to make!

I want all of you,” an overwhelmed Kinsey told the coaches.

When it came down to it, Kinsey decided she wanted to stick with the coach who had been with her from the beginning. She chose to remain on Team Kelly!

If you want to watch Kinsey’s history-making battle against Girl Named Tom, look no further than the video below. What a performance!