Tim & Faith Sell Private Island For Huge Sum Of Money

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, YouTube / Architectural Digest

After owning this tropical paradise for nearly 20 years, country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have cashed out in the market that is at one of its highest peaks in history!

We all know real estate is going for mind-dropping prices these days and Tim & Faith’s private island in the Bahamas is no exception!

Featured in a 2017 spread of famous design magazine Architectural Digest, their island – called L’île d’Anges – has been a place of refuge and enjoyment for the couple and their three daughters.

Tim enjoys spearfishing off the coastline of this 20-acre-island and the home boasts enough room for everyone to relax and just enjoy being on island time!

In AD’s full-spread coverage of the McGraw/Hill island estate, the country stars open up about the triumphs, surprises, and massive undertakings they went through to complete their vision for transforming it into a place they can call home.

“We set out to build a house. We had no idea we had to build everything else.” Hill said through laughter. “We basically had to build a little town.”

“You’ve got to have staff houses,” he says, meaning shelter for the original construction workers as well as the current caretakers. “You’ve got to have infrastructure.”

“You’ve got to have water.”

“Water. Electricity. You don’t quite put all that together at first.”

To help build their dream home on their private island, the couple turned to the man that helped make their dreams for several homes in Tennessee a reality. With his immense talent, the pair achieved an estate of interconnected rooms that are linked by open-air passageways, bringing both the island’s feel and tropical beauty into every part of the house.

“And we wanted it set up so that when we brought people down, they’d get the same feeling that we got when we first came,” McGraw added to his wife’s description of the amazing feeling when a breeze comes through the house. “The same reaction to the pristineness of it, to how relaxed it feels. The house is functional, but it really blends into the environment.”

For more than nine years, Hill and McGraw worked tirelessly with their architect to craft what would eventually become a getaway home that, itself, would take your breath away.

But, now – they’ve sold it all and are moving on from this island-turned-project-turned-dream-vacation-home! And with a pretty nice cash infusion!

This island getaway sold for ~$35 million which is likely substantially more than they paid in 2003 before they upgraded it!

Check out AD’s full video tour below and let us know what you think in the comments….would you live here??