Blake Shelton Acts At Last Minute To Save Country Singer On “The Voice”

The Voice / YouTube

Things always get intense during the battle round on The Voice. The stakes are high as teammates compete against each other to continue on to the knockouts.

Almost every battle ends in an elimination. But some battles result in both performers proceeding to the next stage of the competition. That’s because each coach gets the chance to use one “steal” and one “save” during the battles.

Here’s how these two things work…

Steal: A coach can steal a contestant from another team if that contestant loses a battle. If more than one coach presses their steal button for the same contestant, the contestant gets to choose which team they want to join.

Save: A coach can save a contestant from their own team if that contestant loses their battle. If another coach (or multiple coaches) presses their steal button for that same contestant, the contestant can choose to remain with their own coach, or opt to join a new team.

During Season 21, Blake Shelton decided his save was best used on country singer Lana Scott. She competed against Hailey Green in a performance of Maren Morris‘ #1 hit from 2019, “Girl.”

Both vocalists delivered an outstanding performance, leaving Shelton with a tough choice to make at the end of the song. He eventually named Green as the winner of the battle, leaving Scott under the impression her time on the show had come to an end.

But just as Scott walked down the stairs and prepared to head backstage, Shelton shouted “Wait a minute Lana!” and pressed his save button.

Scott’s jaw dropped in shock as she processed what was happening. “Get your a– back on that stage!” Shelton called after her.

He then spoke some encouraging words, saying he knew all along he was going to save her. “I was never gonna let you go,” Shelton said.

You can watch Scott and Green’s performance of “Girl” and the surprising moment when Shelton used his “save” by tuning in to the video below.