Country Singer Cancels Concerts To Be With Father In ‘His Last Week’

Josh Abbott Instagram

A member of a successful country music band is enduring quite the difficult path, as his father suffered a serious stroke nearly three weeks ago that has continued to keep the man in the hospital. Although gaining an outpour of support and prayers directed to Josh Abbott, of the Josh Abbott Band, and his family, it seems the outlook is quite bleak for Abbott’s father.

The country singer took to Instagram to give fans a heartbreaking update on the family’s trying situation, subsequently forced to cancel upcoming performances to stay besides his father during what is expected to be his last week. Abbott wrote, “Due to my father’s debilitating condition… we will not be touring this week or next week. Unless a miracle occurs, we fear that this will be his last week with us.”


The singer previously posted a heartbreaking image displaying his mother gently kissing his father’s forehead as she stays near his side throughout his hospital stay. Abbott identified this act as “true love”, explaining to his readers that amidst all the hate and vanity that social media tends to advertise, he chose to take a moment to identify his parents’ 38 years of marriage. “It’s not a holiday; no one is posing or smiling; it’s just my mom being there for my dad. 38 years, for better or worse.”


True love. I debated whether to post this pic or not but I believe the love shown here is worth sharing in a social media world so full of hate, cynicism, & vanity. It’s not a holiday; no one is posing or smiling; it’s just my mom being there for my dad. 38 years, for better or worse. It truly reminds me how blessed I am to have such great parents….I also have great friends who supported me for the last 11 days w/ visits, calls, & texts. From free hotel rooms (@claytonisom) to a vehicle all week (@teamt8) to free meals (Cagle’s, Arrogant Texan) to cookies (@njisom) and so much more, this week if anything has been a reminder that we are blessed with friends and family. And lastly, thank you all for the posts and messages regarding dad. I’ll update you all soon on his status, as we are awaiting some tests this week.

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Despite the devastating update and declining outlook, fans and followers continued to send their prayers and support, offering perhaps the strongest of gifts in hopes of jumpstarting a miracle.

While Abbott has vowed to hold his mother’s hand in support during this difficult time, we send our deepest thoughts and prayers to the family. You can leave and warm wishes and words of encouragement in the comments below.