Horrifying Details Revealed In Country Star & Radio Host’s Car Accident


Just hours after the news broke that these three beloved country music personalities were involved in a very serious car accident, more details involving the incident that left one of them hospitalized have surfaced through various media outlets.

The hosts, and one of them also a country star, were first reported as being involved in a car accident by several fellow radio personalities and producers that worked closely with them. It was also reported that their executive producer was riding with them when the accident occurred.

Ty Bentli, Kelly Ford, and Chuck Wicks of America’s Morning Show were rumored to have been involved in a crash that had overturned vehicles while traveling to the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.

Through various radio personalities, coworkers, and friends of theirs, it was reported that all four had survived the crash with only one being hospitalized – country star Chuck Wicks. The injuries sustained by the others were not available, although Kix Brooks tweeted that host Kelly Ford was struck pretty hard in the face by an airbag.

Now, through a new report by Jockline, Ty, Kelly and Chuck along with their producer, Glen Johnson, were traveling down the highway toward Nashville when their car hydroplaned. After that, their vehicle rolled over at least two times before coming to a stop in water nearby. All four were transported to a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

As we previously reported, two of the hosts and the producer were released with minor injuries, but country singer and fellow host Chuck Wicks was admitted to the hospital. There are no further details at this time regarding his condition

A fellow radio personality and friend, Jayde Donovan, has since confirmed the team’s status and explained that “everyone is okay” adding that “angels [were] watching over them” during this very scary incident.

While the details were initially limited their sister station, NASH FM 103.3 has released a statement about the incident on their official Facebook page.


The three hosts have become a staple in the country music community and are known throughout the industry as some of the most fun people to be around. They have become regular stars on social media and often upload videos of their hilarious antics and games with country stars that go viral.

Chuck Wicks has ventured out on his own career as a country musician and has grown a significant following though his incredible performances.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this time and we are praying for a speedy recovery. Watch the video below from a recent episode of their show with guest Reba McEntire.