Country Star & Radio Hosts Hospitalized After Car Accident


In a series of breaking news tweets, it has been revealed that several of the most popular country music radio hosts in the country were involved in what appears to be a serious car accident while traveling back home to Nashville from Mississippi.

The three radio hosts, and one of them being also a country star, were first reported as being involved in a car accident by several fellow radio personalities and producers that worked closely with them. It was also reported that their executive producer was riding with them when the accident occurred.

The hosts of the Ty, Kelly & Chuck Morning Show, Ty Bentli, Kelly Ford, and Chuck Wicks were apparently involved in a crash that had possibly overturned vehicles, and it was stated by his fellow colleague that Wicks had been hospitalized.

Jayde Donovan, who works for a fellow radio station tweeted that she was “shook up” when she got the news of the accident, stating that she was still waiting on more information and that Chuck Wicks had been hospitalized.

Within moments, several other media personalities had also tweeted about the accident and sent their prayers out to the team.

The three hosts have become a staple in the country music community and are known throughout the industry as some of the most fun people to be around. They have become regular stars on social media and often upload videos of their hilarious antics and games with country stars that go viral.

Chuck Wicks has ventured out on his own career as a country musician and has grown a significant following though his incredible performances.

It was confirmed just a few minutes after the initial report of Wicks being hospitalized and an unknown status for the others, that all three are expected to recover from their injuries and one half of duo Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks tweeted more details – including some humor.

He also tweeted out to Chuck Wicks, confirming that he was indeed hospitalized, but did not elaborate.

Donovan who first reported the incident via twitter has since confirmed the team’s status and explained that “everyone is okay” adding that “angels [were] watching over them” during this very scary incident.

At current time, details regarding the crash itself, who was at fault, and the severity of the injuries to any of the team members is unavailable, but we will continue to keep readers updated on the status as information is released.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this time and we are praying for a speedy recovery.

Watch one of Ty, Kelly & Chuck’s fun clips below.