Country Star’s Trusty Pup Stars In Most Adorable Music Video You’ve Seen In Years

Brett Eldredge / YouTube

Everyone knows that a country boy’s best friend is his dog. That’s certainly the case for Brett Eldredge, whose best bud is none other than his trusty pup, Edgar.

Brett Eldredge / YouTube

Brett adopted the Weimaraner/Vizsla mix in 2016, and they became fast friends. Edgar also became a fast star on social media, as fans fawned over the adorable photos and videos Brett shared of him.

Edgar became so famous, so fast, that Brett eventually set up a separate social media account to showcase photos of his best pal.

But Brett didn’t stop there. He brings Edgar on his bus, has him sit in on interviews, and has even brought him out on stage at his shows to do tricks for his fans.

So after spending nearly every waking moment together over the past two years, you could say that man and dog are inseparable.

Known as one of the hottest bachelors in country music, it is often joked among fans that Edgar is the true love of Brett’s life. This is something that Brett played off of in his latest music video, set to the tune of his romantic single “Love Someone.”

The video opens with Edgar dozing off to sleep while snuggling up next to Brett. He starts dreaming about living a wonderful life with his best pal, full of steak dinners and romps in the park.

Brett Eldredge / YouTube

Toward the end, Edgar and Brett are seen walking toward a dog park, when Edgar suddenly develops a look of determination and bolts, dragging Brett behind him. The two get tangled with another dog and its beautiful owner, who ends up falling in love with Brett.

Just as Edgar gets to feeling lonely because of Brett’s redirected affections, he wakes from his dream. The two pals then take off on a new adventure, proving they will always be there for each other.

Thanks to Edgar’s inclusion, Brett’s music video for “Love Someone” has to be one of the most adorable country music videos you’ve seen in years. It’s impossible to get to the end of it without smiling at least once.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of canine cuteness yet, you’re in luck. Check out a video of another one of our favorite Brett/Edgar moments below.

Edgar is one lucky dog, that’s for sure!