Cowboy, 25, Dies After Bull Bucks Him Off & Steps On Him

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On New Year’s Eve, a 25-year-old father of two was tragically killed after falling off a bucking bull at a rodeo event in Queensland, Australia. The incident occurred just seconds after the man had entered the arena.

The victim, publicly identified as Hue Mills, was competing in the Novice Bull Ride at the Warwick New Year’s Eve Rodeo.

Witnesses say that he was thrown from the bull almost immediately after the event began and fell to the ground where the bull stepped on his back in the upper torso with such force that he sustained severe injuries.

The SUN reported that one witness said it “broke their heart watching” the tragedy unfold just feet away from them.

Onlookers panicked and despite wearing his protective gear, his helmet, and chest guard, it was not enough to stop the force of the bull.

NRA chairman Jason Hall told The Courier Mail, “The competitor came off about halfway into the ride, the bull’s legs came down on his back. It didn’t look any more serious than anything that happens every week.”

Even with the efforts of medical staff and fellow rodeo participants, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

“But they are obviously to help limit any injury, it can’t obviously prevent everything from happening,” Hall added.“It was an unfortunate accident. Bull riding is a dangerous sport and everyone competing knows this is always a possibility.”

The news of the young father’s untimely death has sent shockwaves through the rodeo community and beyond, with many expressing their condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

Rodeo events are inherently dangerous, and participants are well aware of the risks involved. However, tragedies like this one serve as a harsh reminder of the dangers of the sport and the need for safety measures to be in place to help minimize dangers.

The victim’s family, his wife, and kids are understandably devastated by the loss of their loved one. In a statement to the media, they expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received during this difficult time.

They have asked for privacy as they grieve and come to terms with their sudden loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends during this difficult time.

National Rodeo Association Ltd. posted to Facebook and one person commented, “Devastated for his family. Rest in peace young man.”

Another person said, “Such a shocking tragedy to one of the nicest, most humble friendly upstanding people I’ve ever met. His down to earth personality was one you couldn’t help but admire and strive to become a better person having known him.”

A third added, “‘RIP old son you were always a wild one was great knowing you for the short time I did.”

Others who were there at the show shared their experience and thoughts on the tragic event.

One said, “Thoughts for this brave man’s family and friends. Witnessing this tragedy brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart watching.”

Another wrote, “As the DJ for this event, I am deeply saddened… my deepest condolences to his family. I wish to thank all the volunteers and paramedics who did all they could for this young cowboy.”

And a third said, “One of the saddest things I have ever witnessed.”

Grieving event organizers announced plans to support Hue’s heartbroken loved ones at a junior rodeo held on Sunday.

They called for donations to help pay for his funeral arrangements and “any long-term care for the family.”

NRA President John Maher later added, “We want to offer our condolences to his family, friends and his fellow riders. A man losing his life doing the sport he loves is such a great tragedy.”

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